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How You Carry Your Baby Can Affect Their Health – Nanaimo Chiropractor

Not the preferred method of holding your baby. As new parents, we do everthing we can to give our children the best start in life. But did you know that the way we carry our children can have a profound impact on their health? It’s true. It is well established that some carrying methods have… Read more »

A Runner’s Nightmare: Iliotibial Band Syndome – Nanaimo Chiropractor

Hi there. For this post, I thought I would cover one of the most common running injuries: iliotibial band syndrome or  ITB syndrome. Many a runner has been sidelined for long stretches of time by this condition, so let’s give you the information you need to sort it out. The iliotibial band, is a connective tissue sheet that… Read more »

The Most Dangerous Thing You Do Every Single Day – Nanaimo Chiropractor

I’m writing this post to warn you about the single most dangerous thing you do each and every single day of your life. In fact, I bet you’re doing it right now. Can you guess what it is? I think the answer will surprise you: Sitting Research recently published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise… Read more »