Unbearable Sciatica? Your Questions Answered!

Sciatica~ Nanaimo Chiropractor Sciatica; something many have heard of but few understand. The first thing you need to know about sciatica is that it is not a diagnosis. It’s a symptom. Just like a runny nose is not a diagnosis, but is a symptom of conditions such as colds, sinus infections or allergies. So you need… Read more »

3 Massage Myths That Need To Stop ~ Nanaimo Massage Therapy

3 Massage Myths That Need To Stop ~ Nanaimo Massage Therapy There’s a lot of therapeutic benefits to having regular massage therapy. However, there a lot of common myths that even massage therapists repeat. Let’s dive right in: 1.  Massage releases toxins. This crazy claim is one of the most common myths. To start with,… Read more »

Chiropractors Go To Jail ~ Nanaimo Chiropractor

Chiropractors Go To Jail ~ Nanaimo Chiropractor To have true appreciation of what chiropractic is, you have to look at its history. If it weren’t for the bravery and conviction of those early pioneers of the profession, there wouldn’t be any chiropractic today. During the first half of the 1900’s, the medical profession waged a… Read more »

3 Reasons Why Every Athlete Needs Massage ~ Nanaimo Massage Therapy

Nanaimo Massage Therapy ~ 3 Reasons Every Athlete Needs Massage Ever been to a running race, seen the line of athletes waiting for their massage, and wonder what all the fuss is about? Ever heard one of your training buddies talk about their massage therapist and thought, “I doubt that does any good”? Perhaps you’re… Read more »

Frozen Shoulder: Free Yourself ~ Nanaimo Chiropractor

Frozen Shoulder ~ Nanaimo Chiropractor Frozen shoulder is a very common condition, affecting roughly 1 in every 50 people. It’s technical name is adhesive capsulitis. People with this condition will have deep shoulder pain and struggle to lift their arm. What is happening to the shoulder? Scar tissue is forming around the shoulder joint. Typically, frozen shoulder starts following a… Read more »