Monthly Archives: August 2011

Nanaimo Chiropractor ~ Vitamin D to Beat Muscle Injury

I’ve come across a new¬†research study that I wanted to share with you. This study looked at Vitamin D levels and the NFL players that have lost time to muscle injury. As part of their pre-season routine examinations, 85 NFL football players had their Vitamin D levels taken. Normal levels are considered to be 32… Read more »

Nanaimo Chiropractor ~ 4 Reasons Why Forefoot Running is Rubbish

If you pick up any running magazine these days, you’re bound to come across one of the latest trends: forefoot running. Several methods have been created around this concept, Chi Running, Pose Running and the Evolution Method to name the more popular incarnations. Although slightly different in their methodology, the basic concept is the same,… Read more »