Monthly Archives: March 2011

Patients Report Pure Chiropractic to the Authorities – Nanaimo

Recently, our patients have been taking pen to paper and writing to the authorities about their experiences at Pure Chiropractic. Some of what they have to say is quite shocking! We couldn’t be more thrilled! You see, these patients have been busy nominating us for a Nanaimo Chamber of Commerce Sterling Award. It was humbling… Read more »

Complimentary Health Talks For Our Community – Nanaimo Chiropractor

You might be interested to know that Pure Chiropractic does complimentary wellness seminars for local businesses and community groups. We’ve done them for the city of Nanaimo employees, the National Association of Federal Retirees, gyms, and some well known Nanaimo businesses. I’ve given our menu of health talks below. Give us a call to arrange… Read more »

Do Joint Supplements Really Work?

Joint supplements are now big industry and can have very big claims. But how much do these supplements do? This is a common question asked to me by my patients at Pure Chiropractic so I thought I should take some time to write a post about it. What supplements are there?1. Glucosamine. This is an amino… Read more »

Nutrition for Runners

Hi Everybody! I recently gave a talk about nutrition for runners to a local Nanaimo running clinic and promised them that I would post the notes on our blog. So here it goes: Hydration: It is important to maintain adaquate hydration. Even minor dehydration has big consequences. You will slow approximately 2% for every percent… Read more »

5 No-Effort Ways to Improve Your Health – Nanaimo Chiropractor

Very often when people consider improving their health it seems like a daunting and insurmountable task that requires tremendous willpower. But that’s not how it needs to be. There are some simple, effortless and dare I say it, enjoyable ways to improve your health. Here’s a small list of my suggestions: 1. The grapefruit effect.Trying… Read more »