Why Are You The Only One Enjoying The Benefits of Chiropractic?

If you’re a patient of Pure Chiropractic’s, then I’m honoured that you’ve trusted me with the care of your health. One thing that always surprises me is how I often I treat a single member of a family. I hear “Since I’ve been seeing you I feel so much better; I have more energy, my chest tension is gone and I rarely get any headaches or indigestion. I haven’t felt this good in years!” And despite these health improvements, their husbands, wives or children are left at home.

It leaves me guessing as to the reason for this. Is it there an assumption that if they feel “fine” they are fine? Tell me, what do you think it feels like to have slightly high cholesterol or blood pressure? I’ll tell you, it feels “normal.” That’s the importance of keeping a check-up with your gp. Well, the same can be said about your spine. Minor misalignments, or subluxations, of the spine may feel “normal” but shouldn’t be left unattended. That’s the importance of keeping a check-up with your chiropractor. Trust me, it is much easier to treat a minor problem, rather than one that has been left for some time.

Or perhaps they don’t think that chiropractic isn’t for children; that children don’t get spinal problems. But take a moment and think about the things that children do with their bodies: they fall out of bed or down the stairs, sit for too long in front of the tv or computer, carry backpacks that weigh nearly as much as they do (on one shoulder usually!) and sleep in all sorts of awkward positions. These sorts of physical stresses can take their toll on spinal alignment. Alternatively, perhaps the concern is that the treatment is too much for a child. I have several technique options when treating any given condition. The treatment that I use on your child is not the same one I would use on a 25 year old hockey player or your 90 year old gran. It will be a different technique or one that is modified to suit that person. Rest assured, your family are in good hands at Pure Chiropractic. Your family’s safety my utmost concern.

Or maybe there is another reason that I haven’t considered. Whatever the reason, I encourage you to schedule your loved ones in for an assessment in our clinic. Now’s a perfect time as school is out for 2 weeks. If nothing’s wrong, fantastic. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that all is well. And if there are any minor misalignments, that’s great too, because we’ll be able to treat them before they amount to anything.

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