Why Pure Chiropractic is Pure Chiropractic

Yesterday, Dr. Evelyn Hare and I had tea with the lovely Kavita Maharaj of Red Door Yoga (if you haven’t attended one of her classes yet then you really should). This is something we do on a regular basis. We enjoy each other’s company immensely and share a similar outlook on health and wellness. During the course of conversation, we found ourselves talking about the name of our clinic, Pure Chiropractic. That simple name defines our passion, who we are why we do what we do. So, that deserves a blog post!

My wife and I were still living in London, UK when we decided to return to Nanaimo, Canada to form our chiropractic clinic. Our very first task was to establish a name. We went through countless ideas, ending up with two pages of possibilities. But one name stood out: Pure Chiropractic. The reason this moniker appealed to us was that it defines our approach to your health care. Many chiropractic clinics do everything but chiropractic: they sell nutritional supplements, have massage therapy, teach yoga, sell orthotics or do physiotherapy (electric muscle stimulation and ultrasound). It’s not that there’s anything wrong with these things, far from it. But they are NOT chiropractic.

That’s where we at Pure Chiropractic are different. When you come to us, you will find one thing: chiropractic. Our aim is to do one thing and do one thing very well: we will examine your spine and extremities for misalignments and correct them if they are any. That’s it. That’s what chiropractic is.

Now, please do not misunderstand me. I am not saying that what we do is trivial. In fact, it is important to your health. The brain controls and regulates everything your body does, but it needs a communication system with the body in order for it to tell the body what to do. The spinal cord is that the vital connection between the brain and the body. Spinal misalignments have the potential to interrupt this communication by putting pressure on the spinal nerves where they branch off the spinal cord.

Of course the symptom that we may notice is pain. But the pain is only a warning signal, telling you something is wrong. It’s like the check engine light coming on in your car. It’s not the light that’s important, but what the light represents. Otherwise, we’d just take the light bulb out of the dashboard, wouldn’t we (similar to just taking a pain killer). Only 10-20% of the nerve is for pain. What’s the other 80-90% of the nerve for? To allow for proper communication between the brain and the body. If the nerve can’t work properly, the brain cannot control the body properly. If your nervous system isn’t working at 100% then you can never be 100% healthy.

This is where our passion lays; in improving people’s health. Yes, we’re always happy when someone is out of pain, but what really excites us is when people see the improvements in their health. People are using less medications, fall ill less often and are feeling more energetic and alert; all because of chiropractic. Because of what we do, our patients are able to enjoy life to the fullest; they can play with their children/grandchildren, enjoy a round of golf, garden, and even do marathons in their 60’s and 70’s!

So if you though chiropractic was just about neck pain or back pain, think again. By ensuring proper communication between the brain and the body you have the best chance of being healthy. That is our passion and that is why we do what we do! A true health care system!

6 Responses to “Why Pure Chiropractic is Pure Chiropractic”

  1. They taught us to evaluate the casualty before doing anything. Iam not doing mouth to mouth with some stranger I guess ill just pump on there chest and get sued for breaking there ribs.

  2. Thanks for sharing your insights about chiropractic care. It is also important that we deal only to those people who are licensed chiropractor for our own safety.

  3. A chiropractor tries to relieve stress and pressure on the nervous system with precise adjustments to the spinal segments or to individual vertebrae. Chiropractic techniques are used to treat back pain, headaches and general pain due to injury and asthma, among other intestinal disorders.

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  4. That is correct, Francis. Chiropractic is simply ground-breaking in the way it cures so many disorders just by chiropractors examining and treating the spine. It’s as healthy as the article suggests, requiring little to no medication, thus causing no side effects.

  5. I agree, most so called chiropractic clinics are so diverse in their products and services that they lose focus to what they should be practicing in the first place. One reason is some of their complementary products give them more income than practicing chiropractic.