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Summer is here again and that means farmers’ markets! I’m a very big fan of farmers’ markets. It brings back memories of when my children were little babies and we’d go off to the market and pile up on all the local farmers fresh produce. It’s such a great feeling, knowing that you are giving you loved ones such great nutrition.

Why goes to a farmers’ market when the grocery store is so much more convenient? Well, for one, the nutrition is better. Nutritional value of produce begins to degrade from the moment it’s picked. If your food comes locally, odds are it’s fresher and carries more nutrients. Also, with less travel, you are minimising your impact on the environment. Does it really make sense to buy produce that comes from thousands of miles away when it is grown locally? And finally, you’re supporting the local economy.

I thought that I would give you some tips on making the most out of your trip tot he market:

  1. Be sure to bring small money and change. The vendors at the market are not a big store with a big reserve of small currency to make change. Don’t be that person paying for your 75 cent green onions with a $50 bill.
  2. Bring a reusable shopping bag. Some vendors won’t supply shopping bags, and you want to be friendly to the environment, right?
  3. Go early or go late. It stands to reason that the best produce goes first. It’s worth being there for the start of the market. Alternatively, a lot of end of the day bargains can be found if you shop close to closing time.
  4. Buy the whole foods. As tempting as that apple pie is, I’d encourage you to buy the raw produce. It’s healthier!
  5. Bring your kids. Why not bring your children to the market. It’s a great opportunity to teach them about healthy food and the importance of local. Plus, they’re more likely to eat what they’ve helped pick out.

There are 2 great markets here in Nanaimo.

Let’s all get out and take advantage of our farmers’ markets! If you need any help with your health, call us at Pure Chiropractic, Nanaimo. If you like this article and want to get more great info, why not “like” us on facebook..

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