Nanaimo Massage Therapist for Pure Chiropractic

glenn_norman - Nanaimo Massage Therapist

Glenn Norman- Nanaimo Massage Therapist

Pure Chiropractic is thrilled to now provide Registered Massage Therapy to the services it provides. Previously, we referred to massage therapists in town. However, it proved difficult for our patients to get appointments and they had the added inconvenience of driving somewhere else for their massage. So we decided to bring massage therapy to our clinic.

First of all, we had to build a new room. This was done by Julia’s (our receptionist’s) other half. For those of you that saw the construction, thank you with your patience. We tried to keep disruption to a minimum. We’re very pleased with the result and have had great comments about the space. You can see a picture of the new room, mid-construction, below.

Nanaimo Massage Therapy

New Room Construction

We also had to get supplies, LOTS of supplies. It seemed like deliveries were being made daily for weeks. We were looking to create a really great environment for massage; clean, professional, and relaxing. We bought a permanent massage table, not a flimsy portable unit. We got good quality sheets, hypo-allergenic oil and even a thermophore to warm the table. It’s also has some of Dr. Evelyn Hare’s artwork in there, so be sure to compliment her on it!

Of course, most important of all was the massage therapist. We didn’t want to just hire the first person to come along. We searched extensively to find the right Registered Massage Therapist. In the end, we found the best person for the job was a Nanaimo native, Glenn Norman, RMT. He had an impressive resume and 12 years of experience. Patients who had previously used Glenn told us in no uncertain terms that we HAD to hire Glenn. Those personal recommendations are what sealed the deal. Glenn is now getting very busy and our patients are thrilled. He uses a blended approach utilizing Swedish massage, deep tissue, applied somatics and muscle energy techniques to achieve fantastic results.

As Glenn is a Registered Massage Therapist, his services are covered under most insurance plans. Massage is also covered in ICBC and WorkSafe cases. RCMP and Veteran’s Affairs insurance is billed directly for the patient. Those with Premium Assistance have partial MSP coverage.

If you are looking for a Nanaimo Massage Therapist give Pure Chiropractic a call on 250-585-8866.