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New FREE Health Talks For Our Community ~ Nanaimo Chiropractor

Nanaimo Chiropractor Health Talks

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Because of the popular demand for our health talks we have had to expand our list of talks! We do these health talks complementary for Nanaimo community groups and employers. No group is too big or too small. Take a look through our list of talks, pick one that appeals to you and call Pure Chiropractic today! Other talk topics available here. Another great service brought to you by your Nanaimo Chiropractor, Dr. Jason Hare.


1. Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Control – NATURALLY

Learn about healthy choices and what you can do naturally and holistically to address high blood pressure and cholesterol. Learn which lifestyle choices can make a big difference. You have more control that you think.


2. How to Raise a Healthy Family

Do you worry about your family’s health? Do the kids constantly run to the kitchen to get chips and cookies? Do you struggle to find time to be active? You aren’t alone. At a time when obesity and chronic disease are climbing at an alarming rate, it’s difficult to be healthy. Learn simple steps to make sure your family can enjoy good health for years to come.


3. Health Trends: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

Glycemic index, gluten free, GMOs, protein based diets, raw, vegan, HIIT training, muscle confusion, paleo…. Where does it end? Have Dr. Hare cut through the trends, showing you which are good and which are downright dangerous. A fun and informative talk that will leave you better equipped to take charge of your own health!


4. Astonishing Dr. You!

Your body has an innate healing ability. When you attend, you too will learn about whole body health & your body’s powerful innate healing ability. Learn how to unlock this potential. When free from interference, your body is empowered to heal naturally from within.


5. Three Secrets of Stress Management

Corporations have recognized that stress management training can be extremely cost effective. It reduces employee absenteeism, work injuries, health costs, and worker turnover. Plus it improves quality and productivity. In fact, 40% of employee turnover is due to job stress. Dr. Hare presents a compelling 45 minute talk that focuses on the essential elements that create stress and how your employees can start to identify sources of stress, reduce and manage it more efficiently!



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